Hotel Dash - Suite Success

Hotel Dash - Suite Success

Ditch your desk job, roll up your sleeves, and serve up some grub
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Hotel Dash - Suite Success is a very fast-paced time management game in which you are in charge of a hotel. Your job is to reach a certain monetary goal per level in order to get to the next one. Every level has always two goals: a classic and an expert goal. Once you achieve the basic goal, you can keep on playing until the time runs out and try to reach the expert goal, which obviously gives you more money. Also, the more customers you serve and the faster you serve, the more money you get from them. All customers have different patience levels that are represented by hearts. If they lose them all, they´ll just get mad and leave. Also, with the money you get, you can upgrade the hotel and buy more things to satisfy the customers and attract even more. The tasks in the hotel mainly involve taking the guests to their rooms (you also get points if you match colors), take their luggage to their rooms, get them room service, pillows, or towels, pick up the laundry to clean the rooms for new guests, and more.
The game includes a great variety of guests and some have special needs that you must know beforehand. These are detailed in the help option of the menu.
As for the graphics, they are extremely good and attractive like in most games of the series. Sound effects are also great and the music is nice. I really liked the fact that you can plan tasks ahead by just clicking on them since this makes the game extremely fast-paced and enjoyable. I also liked the upgrades you can get for your hotel. It is awesome to see how your hotel changes from a messy and horrible place, to something luxurious and attractive.
In short, Hotel Dash - Suite Success is a very enjoyable and attractive time management game that will surely attract many fans of the genre.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Two game modes
  • Extremely fast-paced
  • Lots of characters
  • Great upgrades
  • Nice graphics and music


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